White House Celebrations is a full service event management firm that customises our engagement specifically to meet your needs.


  • Brand Strategy for success
  • Public & Media Relations
  • Marketing & Promotion of your event
  • Storytelling for influence and engagement
  • Social Media Implementation
  • Sponsorship & Partnership Acquisition
  • Fundraising Support
  • Joint Ventures & Grant Submissions

By connecting you with our extensive network of prospective sponsors, donors, event attendees, media partners, supplier networks and aligned professionals we spread your message further.


  • Event Design to meet objectives
  • Experiential Marketing concepts so people get to touch and feel your brand
  • Event Marketing strategies
  • End to End Event Management
  • Event Styling that balances impact and budget
  • Entertainment & Event Productions for maximum 'memory makers'

From Gala Balls, Golf Days, Fundraisers, Launches, Networking Events, Award Ceremonies, Conferences, the list is limitless of what we can create to engage with your target audience.


  • Customised Gift Service (wrapped and delivered)
  • Designer Parties
  • Dinner Parties
  • Personal Celebrations

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, engagement, Christmas or simply the fact that you are alive ... we will dream up the most imaginative and thoughtful Celebration of your lifetime!


Just a few clients who love us... 

"Had an awesome time. Thank you White House Celebrations. It was a great show, great audience and greatly organised."
- Cosentino

How could you possibly top that event?!  If we had a dollar for every time a guest at one of our Charity or Community events asked that we could retire! 

Year on year we do 'top' our own events because we never take the same approach to any event - even if we have done it before.  These events are our chance to change lives and enable the complete escape from the every day.   From complete production design to execution excellence of the finest details we are simply obsessed with making each and every attendee want to immediately buy their ticket again for next year.  

We challenge ourselves to deliver WOW factor at the lowest budget possible to maximise fundraising or funding outcomes.

Since inception we have helped Charity and Community Groups raise in excess of $900,000 for their causes.  

"We had such a great time yesterday at our Charity Golf Day for Walking Wounded, massive thanks to Min Swan and Sam from White House Celebrations, I would never ever try and run an event without you ever again, it's so nice to be able to chill out on the day and have fun - You're amazing beyond words."
- Linda Ireland, Mortgage Choice

We become so totally absorbed in our clients events and have an eagle eye focus on the set objectives.  No client could have higher expectations of us than we have for ourselves ... meaning that we can be totally self directed (if that is what our client wishes).  Our clients enjoy sitting back and watching the magic unfold in front of them.  

Our creative design and attention to detail is just the perfect combination for delivering conferences that inspire.  Our expertise with sponsorship and funding can also mean that we are engaged at no cost!

"Normally it is up to me to organise our anniversary.  This year by having White House Celebrations plan it, every moment was a wonderful surprise and I was totally relaxed on our weekend escape and just able to enjoy being a couple.  The attention to detail and the surprise gifts were just delightful." 
- Nikki Parkinson-Hubbard

It is our mission to make the celebration of life a universal and daily priority.  Nobody should go to the grave without knowing the amazing impact they have on the lives of others.  Our personal celebrations are so special because we get to capture the very essence of the person being celebrated and make their celebration totally stress free.  We are the buffer to make those 'difficult' decisions (really, we are more than happy for you to blame us for not inviting so and so!), making sure that every little detail is taken care of so you can just enjoy - we are your perfect choice for celebrating life!

We don't just do the theming - we can do the whole lot!  From conception to perfection...


Your IN-HOUSE events team for a fraction of the cost

Imagine putting together an annual schedule of how you will engage with your clients, colleagues and community

and then let our team of obsessive compulsive, control freak perfectionists do the rest!


We become part of your team and pretty much become ambassadors of your brand meaning you get a qualified, experienced, wow factor, full time event team for a fraction of the cost. 

Trained by Min Swan, event management extraordinaire, our event team delivers excellence every time, meaning you don't have to worry about staff management or quality control and can focus on what you do best!


Build a reputation for delivering 'wow factor' engagement with your clients, colleagues or community by using our creative genius to always surprise and delight! 

We are skilled at balancing creative design, budgetary constraints and detailed implementation... that is what we do.  The outcome the for you is that your audience wants to be part of ANYTHING you do.  We guarantee your invitations will be the first to be accepted!

Event Management Connection.jpg


We connect with you through monthly 'decision time' meetings - are we on track, on budget, on time!

We connect you with our database of potential guests, sponsors or donors to widen your brand presence.

We ensure you remain connected with your clientele in the most genuinely engaging way possible and to ensure they understand the very essence of you and return again and again for more!


Find out how we become part of your team...