"Normally it is up to me to organise our anniversary.  This year by having White House Celebrations plan it, every moment was a wonderful surprise and I was totally relaxed on our weekend escape and just able to enjoy being a couple.  The attention to detail and the surprise gifts were just delightful." 
- Nikki Parkinson-Hubbard

It is our mission to make the celebration of life a universal and daily priority.  Nobody should go to the grave without knowing the amazing impact they have on the lives of others.  Our personal celebrations are so special because we get to capture the very essence of the person being celebrated and make their celebration totally stress free.  We are the buffer to make those 'difficult' decisions (really, we are more than happy for you to blame us for not inviting so and so!), making sure that every little detail is taken care of so you can just enjoy - we are your perfect choice for celebrating life!

We don't just do the theming - we can do the whole lot!  From conception to perfection...