"Both my wife and I agree that the event you put on in Caloundra on Saturday Night, was by far one of the most brilliantly put together events we have ever seen on the coast! The attention to detail was first class - it was a truly spectacular night! Congratulations and thank-you."
-Tristan Kurz, Coastline BMW (and guest at just about every Sunshine Coast event there is) 

Founder Min Swan launched White House Celebrations in 2009 to fill the void she witnessed from the many events she attended in her financial services days that lacked imagination and the 'little somethings' that make an event truly memorable.

A strong strategic and financial background meant that Min could equally blend high level strategic objectives, budgetary and financial targets with her 'yet to be fully realised' flair for creative design.  She is the queen of dreaming up the little surprise elements that make White House Celebrations events both reputationally (if there is such a word) and financially successful!

The vision was always to create a business larger than herself and today that is the case with a team of inspired individuals that laugh, play and stress together to make every event a success!

"The only jobs ranked more stressful than an event coordinator were elisted military personnel, fire fighter, airline pilot and police officer. 
- eventmagazine.co.uk 2016

Min Swan

 Founder, Creator, Strategist, Event Extraordinaire, Director, RunSheet Writer, Storyteller, Perfectionist, All Round Crazy Ideas Woman


Samantha Jones
Senior Event Manager

Logistics Queen, Stylist, Digital Designer, Mover and Shaker, Overall High Achiever, The One Who Makes Things Happen

Isabel Blaich
Fundraising Coordinator

The Talker, Connections Queen, Relationship Builder, Community Lover, The Person Making a Difference


Sophie McKean
Junior Event Manager

Office Manager, Systems Keeper, Researcher, Administration Freak, The Behind the Scenes Organiser


Lizzie Henebery
Marketing Specialist 

Marketing Manager, Social Media Wiz, The Organised Creative, the PR People Person, Copywriter, Spellchecker, Professional Selfie-Taker


And the rest of the crazy crew...

Photo Credit: Photographer at Large, Melissa Jean Photography, Ben Connolly Photography, Jason Hay Photography, OnQ Photography